Same Day Appointments – Dental Emergency

For those times when you take a bite out of food and the food wins, Smile Time Family Dental is there for you. Whether it’s a broken incisor, annoying wisdom tooth or throbbing molar, Smile Time Family Dental allocates set times for patients requiring a same day emergency fix. These appointment times fill up fast so call us as soon as you can in the morning. If you’ve woken up and your face is swollen, please call us urgently and we will do our best to see you within a few hours.

If you’ve made your way to this webpage, have facial swelling and it’s after hours please consider visiting your GP or the local emergency department especially if you have any difficulty swallowing, breathing or the swelling is under the neck.

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Emergency Dentist Boondall Treatment Options

Every emergency is different so the treatment we offer will depend on a multitude of factors. Unfortunately this means we can’t quote over the phone on the cost of a filling or whether a root canal can be provided. Once we have assessed the tooth and taken an x-ray if required, we can give you a firm quote and what treatment options are available for you. Rest assured that we will provide you options that best suit your needs. Our fees are in line with the industry average and for many common services, we offer amazing promotions that are even cheaper than that.

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Dental Sporting Injury Emergency

Ideally you should leave the field with as many teeth as you started but if haven’t been so lucky, firstly find the tooth or the broken piece and secondly find a dentist as quickly as possible. If it’s a baby tooth, don’t put it back. If it’s an adult tooth, replant it if possible or store it in milk, saliva or contact lens solution if someone has it. If you have aluminium foil, blu tac or a mouthguard, you could make a basic splint to keep it in the right position until you see Smile Time Family Dental.

The Australian Dental Association has great information for dental injuries and is well worth storing on your smartphone as a favourite.

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Emergency Extractions

If your tooth is giving you so much trouble or it’s so badly broken that you just need the thing pulled, Smile Time Family Dental can help.

Not only do we have experienced dentists to look after you as quickly and as comfortably as possible, we have set pricing for any dental emergency requiring an extraction. See our ‘Promotions‘ tab for full details but our simple extractions are $199 and our difficult extractions are $299. This includes a consultation and x-ray. The only catch is this excludes wisdom teeth but we have our own fixed pricing for them anyway. There’s no hidden fees or extra nervousness during the procedure wondering what the final bill will be.

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Broken Artificial Restoration

Teeth restorations are an excellent solution to restoring your smile. Just like normal teeth accidents do happen. If you have unexpectedly broken or damaged your aesthetic dental restoration it’s imperative to not attempt to repair this yourself. Attempted repair without professional knowledge or using the wrong equipment, may cause further oral damage or damage to your restoration. Please collect all materials if they have become dislodged and make a booking with our team as soon as possible. We will attempt to book you in for a consult immediately 07 3633 0055.

Emergency teeth restoration repairs may include Dental Implants, Crowns or Bridges, Veneers, or Dentures. Bookings are essential for orthodontic emergencies as these days are subject to availability from our orthodontist.

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