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At Smile Time Family Dental, we understand that part of the fear of coming to the dentist is the unexpected. What sets us apart is you will have the confidence of knowing what costs to expect before you enter the door on many popular dental treatments.
These promotions are not available on any bulk billing services; (Medicare CDBS, QLD Health Dental Vouchers or DVA).

No-Gap out of pocket expense depending upon individual health fund cover. Phone 07 3633 0055 for bookings and more information.

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At Smile Time Family Dental, we work closely with each patient to make sure that we provide them with the highest level of dental care available. We will help you achieve your dental goals, and ensure the continuing health of your mouth and teeth.

If you require a tooth extraction in Brisbane, we are here to help. Extractions are usually a last resort treatment when the severity of a tooth infection is often too much for a simple treatment. You may also request your tooth to be extracted if it’s causing trauma or crowding in your mouth.

Some forms of gum disease may necessitate a tooth extraction to prevent it from affecting your other teeth. As your trusted dental practice in Brisbane, we will determine whether you require a tooth extraction or not.

$99 special offer is exclusive to new patients to Smile Time Family Dental in Boondall. Strictly limited time only and is subject to change. Offer is not available for patients using Private Health No-GAP Cover.

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Fixed Price Dental Extraction (excludes wisdom teeth)

Many patients want to know ‘How much does it cost to take a tooth out?”. We have always provided a quote that includes the consultation, x-ray and, depending on the difficulty of the extraction, a price range. We’ve listened to you, simplified things and then made it affordable.

At Smile Time Family Dental, we’ve made it easy.

Tooth extractions start from $180

As all teeth differ between individuals, the complexities of tooth extractions may vary also. Therefore, simple teeth extractions start from $180. Costs may vary depending upon how the tooth is protruding and how a tooth’s root is growing within the gum line. There are two types of tooth extractions; general and surgical extractions.

General routine extractions, are described for procedures where the tooth is visible and easy removed from the socket in the jawbone.

Surgical extractions, are defined for when the majority of the tooth is within the gum, or for when the tooth has broken off at the gum and requires surgical removal.

What’s the difference between a simple extraction and a difficult one?

A simple extraction is when the tooth comes out in 1 piece without an incision or any extra drilling. A tricky one is when it either comes out in a couple pieces because of hooked roots, when the gum is covering it or when there’s nothing to hold because it’s badly damaged. A stitch is often required in these situations.

Extracting the tooth should always be considered a last resort and we will always give you all the alternative options first.

So if you’ve been wanting to get rid of that sore tooth for a while, call us on 07 3633 0055 or book online now.

Can private health go towards tooth extractions

This varies between insurance providers. For confirmation and before undergoing treatment, please contact your health insurer upon obtaining your quote. The dental quote consists of the item numbers for treatment. This usually consists of the 3-digit item number for your dental extraction. Once you have received this, please contact your provider to clarify if extractions can be used towards your benefit. Meaning your health fund covers the tooth removal procedure. Item numbers may differ between simple or surgical extractions that may be required.

For bookings and enquiries please phone 07 3633 0055 or email

Contact us for further info on Extractions

Fixed Price Wisdom Teeth Removal

Did you know many wisdom teeth can be removed in the dental chair like you would for any sore tooth? Smile Time Family Dental realises that not everyone needs to go to Hospital to be ‘put under’ for their wisdom teeth.

We’ve also fixed the price for wisdom teeth removal so even if the extraction turns out harder than we thought, you won’t get a surprise bill at the end.

To find out more, please call the clinic on 07 3633 0055 to organise a consultation for your wisdom teeth.  Smile Time Family Dental will determine your eligibility and whether this procedure is best for you.

Disclaimer – Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

For bookings and enquiries please phone 07 3633 0055 or email

Contact us about Wisdom Teeth Removal

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For a limited time only. Book now and SAVE on your teeth whitening with Pola Smile, the renown and highly effective formula prescribed by professional dentists worldwide.

Pola Smile is scientifically tested in research labs to develop formula’s that are both safe and proven.

For more information on Teeth Whitening phone 07 3633 0055 or email

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