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Full or Complete Dentures

At Smile Time Family Dental we can provide full cosmetic smile makeover treatments for those with full teeth missing from a row of teeth. Each of our artificial teeth are shaded and designed to look natural. We’re proud that our acrylic dentures and all of their components are completely designed and made in Australia. Our dentists are extremely proud to help you restore your smile. Complete dentures are usually for those missing all teeth.

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Partial Dentures

For those that may have a couple of missing teeth. We can help to restore your smile to look natural with partial dentures. At Smile Time, our patients come first. Therefore we accommodate custom made dentures towards our clients budgets. You have the choice between chrome or flexible partial dentures. We pride ourselves in high quality denture design that seamlessly looks natural among your existing teeth.

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Denture Reline & Repairs

If you have suddenly damaged, fractured or need a reline for your dentures, please contact the team at Smile Time Family Dental. We can attend to your denture repair requirements immediately. Please do not attempt to repair your dentures at home as this can potentially cause damage to your oral health. Avoiding professional denture repair can become more costly than contacting your nearest qualified denture dentist.

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Unsure of going to the dentist due to expectations on cost. At Smile Time we can rest assured that we provide affordable dentistry with payment plan options. So that you can smile now with comfortable repayments for your natural smile. We strongly believe that everyone has the right to be proud and happy to smile.

If you’re looking for a local dentist nearby, call the team at Smile Time Boondall Denture Dentist for a FREE no obligation initial consultation for quotes on your dentures or denture repairs.

If you have a missing teeth dentures are an ideal solution to regain the confidence in your smile.

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How much do dentures cost?

As each individuals teeth are different, so too are the differences in each quote for a denture. Each denture is custom specifically for the needs and requirements of each patient.

Components of a denture that effect the quote of each denture include;

  • Denture material; acrylic, flexible plastic (valplast), chrome (metal)
  • Full or Partial denture
  • Amount of fake teeth required for the denture

Full acrylic is the most cost effective option, while prices increase with flexible and metal dentures.

Due to the differences to take into consideration behind custom designing for each patients, we provide an first free appointment for a quote with our denture dentist. This allows our dentists to properly examine your needs. Please be transparent with your dentist regarding your budget so that we can aim to design a denture to suit your situation.

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Acrylic Dentures

Acrylic full or complete dentures are the most affordable denture solution out of all the denture types. If you’re looking for a quick solution or turnaround, acrylic dentures are an ideal choice. They are also used temporarily for patients that could be undergoing dental implant treatment.

As they’re primarily made out of plastic they are unfortunately weaker than other denture types and may break. With proper maintenance and regular dental appointments can last for several years.

Flexible Dentures

Built from thermoplastic nylon material, flexible dentures have a discreet transparent appearance. As a result, flexible dentures are aesthetically more appealing as their material colour blends in with the gum lining. They are generally suited for those with several one or several missing teeth. Partial dentures also provide more comfort while eating and talking since they cover less of the palette lining.

Chrome Dentures

Metal dentures consist of cast chrome material that is specifically molded and shaped per patient. Chrome dentures are the most durable and long lasting of all denture current denture types. They also offer superior comfort due to their thin lining in comparison to standard acrylic dentures. As a result of their superior strength and thinness, they cover less lining of the palette. This allows for more taste sensations while eating and better verbal communication due to them being less obtrusive.

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