Getting Wisdom Teeth Extracted

Your wisdom teeth are remnants of a time when our ancestors had to chew on tougher food that did not go through the preparation processes familiar to us today. Over time, and after we learned the wonderful skill of cooking food, our tough third molars fell out of use.

These molars are still part of our mouth, and unfortunately, the eruption of wisdom teeth — especially if incorrect or in a mouth already crowded with teeth — can be very painful.

As your trusted Boondall dentist, Smile Time Family Dental provides wisdom teeth extraction for patients whose third molars are causing them pain. We have the skill and experience to ensure a quick extraction to prevent your third molars from causing any more pain.

Now in some cases, the third molars don’t actually cause any pain when you extract them. We know, however, that even if the wisdom teeth aren’t painful, it can still affect the rest of your teeth.

Since we’re ‘growing out’ of our wisdom teeth, they tend to misalign with the rest of your teeth when they do emerge. They may also get impacted, which means something is blocking them and preventing their ‘natural’ eruption from the gums.

When this happens, it’s very possible for cysts and infections to develop, which in turn may damage the rest of your teeth.

As your Brisbane family dental practice, Smile Time Family Dental will ensure the continuing health of your mouth. If your wisdom tooth is causing you pain or you don’t want them to cause pain in the future, give us a call.

We’ll perform a tooth extraction to alleviate the pain you are experiencing and prevent your third molars from affecting the rest of your teeth.

Any surgical or invasive procedure caries risk. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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Wisdom Tooth Molar Removal

Your wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, usually start erupting from the gums between the ages of 17 to 21. They call it ‘wisdom teeth’ since this is around the time when we’re supposedly old enough to gain some wisdom.

Whatever the reason for the name, your third molars may present problems in your mouth whether or not it is causing any pain. As remnants of an earlier time when humans had yet to discover the concept of food preparation, our third molars are vestigial at best since we simply do not have any use for them anymore.

Unfortunately, our body isn’t just ready to completely let them go, so they are still a part of us – for good or bad. At Smile Time Family Dental, our Brisbane family dental practice provides wisdom teeth removal that will alleviate the pain you’re experiencing and prevent your third molars from affecting the rest of your teeth.

Third Molar Removal

Even if your third molars aren’t causing you any pain, it’s still imperative that you have them assessed.

One of the many complications involve the tooth’s actual eruption from the gums. This usually happens when neighbouring teeth prevents the third molar from emerging.

This can become even more painful than a ‘natural’ emerging of the third molar since it tends to push at the neighbouring teeth, causing discomfort and potentially a misaligned or crooked smile.

As your trusted Boondall dentist, we will perform wisdom tooth removal to prevent it from becoming a problem in the future. Smile Time Family Dental’s preventative efforts won’t just alleviate your pain; we’ll also maintain the health and aesthetic appearance of your smile.

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