Make your initial smile unforgettable

Smile Time Dental provide effective and clinically tested Pola White Teeth Whitening solutions. Teeth Whitening is one of the most effective cosmetic dental treatments we provide. A bright shining smile can be unforgettable for moments that are captured in photos and video for major events such as Weddings, Formals, Photo Shoots, Pageants.

We are excited for the opportunity in potentially making your teeth whiter and brighter. Our team is dedicated in providing you with personalized and compassionate care. Our commitment is providing you with education, so that you can make informed decisions for what is best suited for you and your budget.

Does teeth whitening work on Fillings?

Teeth whitening is not effective on per-existing fillings, crowns and other external restorations. Whitening is only effective on natural teeth. Therefore after treatment, your natural teeth may appear whiter than material restorations.

How much does it cost for dental teeth whitening?

At Smile Time Family Dental in Boondall, we supply Pola White Teeth Whitening Gel. Our take home kit package includes 5 Gel Tubes, and custom molded upper and lower trays for $399. This price excludes the cost of dental checkup and clean, which is recommended to be performed prior. Our custom molded trays are uniquely shaped to your teeth to ensure a more accurate application of teeth whitening gel throughout your teeth.

Please note: A Dental Checkup and Clean is required prior to recommendation and administering of Teeth Whitening.

Why do I need a Dental Examination, Checkup and Clean before Teeth Whitening?

It’s clinically recommended to have a dentist analyze your teeth prior to providing teeth whitening treatments. This allows the dentist an opportunity to asses the structure of your teeth and if any cavities must be fixed prior. Cavities may increase the sensitivity of your teeth.

The strength of your enamel can also be examined during the consult. With sensitive teeth, our dentists can recommend various whitening concentrations suitable for your teeth.

Thorough cleans performed by a dentist, allow for the removal of Plaque and Tarter buildup that may only be removed using professional dental materials. Existing tarter and plaque build up may block the teeth whitening from effectively working in certain areas. If undetected, cavities, plaque and tarter may cause further damage in the future. Such damage may be irreversible or costly if not rectified in preliminary stages.

Dentists can also provide you with realistic expectations of teeth whitening prior to administration as there are different factors that can effect the end results of whitening.