Covid 10 Dentist Update

Covid-19 Dentistry Update

We’re still OPEN to attend to Emergency and Urgent dental appointments.

Due to the regulations set forth by the Australian Government and Australian Dental Association surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re currently restricted to the services we can currently provide. This means that we are limited to attending to Emergency cases only. Each case will be triaged and attended to on a case by case bases.

Urgent cases may include excruciating pain, swelling, ulcers, accidental trauma (broken teeth), or if you have been recommended by your GP for health reasons.

Our lines and emails are still open for general enquiries and prices regarding standard family dental and cosmetic requests. When restrictions are lifted we may arrange an appointment with you as soon as possible.

As an essential health provider we have always maintained stringent hygienic measures.

These have been further highlighted to minimise any risks for patients and staff. Patients will also be screened prior to consult.

Phone: 07 3633 0055
Address: 2270 Sandgate Rd, Boondall
Facebook: @smiletimefamilydental
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